Dermal Filler Specialists Near New Orleans, LA
  Poole Dermatology

5 Miles
Doctor Image Jeffrey C.   Poole, MD

111 Veterans Blvd Suite 406
Metarie , LA   70005


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  Skin Science

6 Miles
Doctor Image Stephen   Metzinger, MD, FACS

3213 17th Street
Metairie , LA   70002


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Treatment Tips
Always seek treatment with an experienced physician.
Ask about all your options. Different drugs have different qualities (ie Restylane vs. Juvederm, Dysport vs. Botox).
During your consultation, ask questions regarding results, concerns, and after care.
How Did Treatment
80% Life?
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 Great results

I had sculptra injected into my naso labio folds and jowel a...[more]
Waukesha, WI Oct 22, 2011

 Juvederm Gave me the Subtle Look that I Wanted

I asked my doctor which treatment I should opt for to perk u...[more]
Laguna Niguel, CA Apr 19, 2010

 Botox Works Great!

I do pr for a magazine, so how I look is important to me. I ...[more]
Boston, MA Mar 04, 2010
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