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At the Patient’s Guide we realize that price is an important concern for most people when they are search for a "big ticket" purchase. Although the providers listed in on our websites may not always be the most inexpensive provider in your area, you should always keep the saying in mind that you get what you pay for. All of our providers are under the supervision of board certified physicians.
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Cost And Pricing

3 Helpful Tips...
Call a Specialist for a Consultation
Meeting your treatment objectives and obtaining your optimal result requires an in-person consultation with a doctor. Call today to schedule an appointment. 
Understand Your Options
There are so many options today (Dysport vs. Botox; Restylane vs. Juvederm) it can be difficult to known which product is right for you. Talk to your doctor about your options and the benefits of each.
Combination Treatments
Sometimes combining different products at the time of your treatment will result in the best outcome. Be open to different treatments. 
Average Patient Costs (Submitted by visitors like you!)
Average Number of Treatments: 1
National Average Cost Per-Treatment: $601
Avg. Cost
Botox $575 575
Dysport $600 600
Juvederm $550 550
Perlane $675 675
Radiesse $475 475
Restylane $508 508
Sculptra $825 825
Many offices offer financing or payment plans
Call your doctor for details

Dermal Filler Costs

There are a wide range of costs for various dermal fillers. Some last longer and are therefore more expensive. Others are used for different purposes and have their own unique price as a result. Many times the price is determined by "units" or "vials" used for the procedure. The price of dermal fillers may also be determined by the area of the country you live in and who you go to for treatment.

Need for Experience

Certain physicians may charge more because they have more experience performing the treatment. It’s advisable to seek treatment with an experienced physician, as they are the most likely to provide you with a satisfactory result. Price should not be your main consideration when deciding on treatment.

Find a Dermal Filler Specialist
Dermal filler expert Dr. Paul Friedman explains the need for experience when injecting fillers.
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Boston, MA Mar 04, 2010
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